Dear Muslim Friends: Why Did Jesus Weep On This Day?

Dear Muslim friends, all over the globe today, Christian people are celebrating “Palm Sunday” – the day that Jesus rode into Jerusalem (Al Quds) as a king.

Luke’s Gospel in the Injeel (Luke 19:41) says that Jesus was terribly grieved that day:

“And when he drew near and saw the city (Jerusalem), he wept over it.”

What a contrast on that first Palm Sunday: the people cheered and shouted Hosanna. People who shouted it were saying in effect, “Glory to God! At last, salvation from our enemies has come to us. After a long wait, it’s finally here.” 

But as the people cheered and shouted about the Messiah that they thought was coming to free them from their Roman oppressors, Jesus wept.


First of all, it is important to see a little of the depth of Jesus’ sadness. The word Luke used for “weep” (klaio in Greek) in Luke 19:41 means:

to sob, weep aloud, express uncontainable, audible grief; not merely that tears flow down the face, but suggestive rather of a heaving of the chest—the sob and the cry of a soul in agony.

As many commentators rightly observe, Jesus saw what others could not see: the tragic siege and destruction of Jerusalem forty years in the future by the Roman armies under Titus. But we think there is so much more here! We believe that Jesus was not just seeing the temporary (though horrible) suffering that would happen in 70 AD. We believe He was seeing eternal suffering.

My dear Muslim readers, sometimes I am so sad – even weeping with Jesus—who has the perfect heart of God—for you.


Because so many of you have not yet believed in the unbelievable love that Jesus has for you. So much love that He would allow Himself to be sacrificed.

For you.

For your sin and shame.

Oh how I pray that you will pick up an Injil and read of the actions and words of Jesus so that you will repent, believe, and follow Jesus as your Savior.

Maybe then you too will weep.

With the pure joy of one so completely loved. . .and so completely forgiven.

2 thoughts on “Dear Muslim Friends: Why Did Jesus Weep On This Day?

  1. thank you for this message which really is so important, so sobering, but yet speaks powerfully of the great love of Jesus. The goodness, perfection and tender humanity of Jesus continues to draw me to Him.

  2. So rather than the cross being a symbol of freedom and redemption as we know it to be they see it as a symbol of political triumphalism by Christian nations over Muslim nations.  The cross becomes a hard pill to swallow. It’s easier to not think about it.  And if there’s no cross, there’s no need for Easter. My Muslim friends are all very polite at Easter.  They call and email me “Happy Easter” wishes.  (More than I typically do for them on their special Holy Days, I’m sorry to say).  But they don’t understand why it’s such a big deal for us that Jesus did die (and then, of course rise again).

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