Ramadan Kareem To My Muslim Friends Around The World!


Dear Muslim friends around the world,

My wife and I pray that this special season of Ramadan will be a time of hearing God’s holy and loving voice as you do all you can to draw near to Him through prayer and fasting.

We pray that so many of you will have dreams or visions of Isa al Masih – Jesus the Messiah.

We love you, and Jesus loves you!


One thought on “Ramadan Kareem To My Muslim Friends Around The World!

  1. Mark and Mary Jo, I appreciated your thoughtful words and the kindness those words expressed. It was as amazing time when, I , as a young girl began to understand that I needed a Savior, and then to learn that Our Father in Heaven has so graciously sent His son, Jesus to bring us real life, forgiveness and hope.

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