5 thoughts on “#MuslimLivesMatter, #ChristianLivesMatter, #AllLivesMatter

  1. if lives matter—then as an American you can strive to make your country stop its wars, its interference in other countries, its support of leaders that take away lives and freedoms of their citizens and bring back moral conduct in the affairs of society and governance….

    • Dear Anonymous Muslim Friend,

      Obviously – as in one or two responses you have given before to my blog, you bring up important issues about U.S. political & military actions. And again, I must tell you a few important things – at least important from my perspective. I hope they will be important from your perspective:

      #1 – America is not a Christian nation. Therefore, most political or military leaders who make foreign policy do not use the words or actions of Jesus as their example for their decisions. Instead – like leaders from every nation (including yours I am sure) – they make decisions based primarily on or even solely on what is best for their country or them personally. This leads to greed, oppression, and violence instead of mercy, justice, morality.
      #2 – The way of Jesus is the way I hope to imitate. Complete purity, morality – not just in external actions but in the heart. Complete love – for all, not just the lovely or the powerful or the influential. Complete compassion – for the poor, the oppressed, the widow, the orphan, the old, the babies, the helpless. If the U.S., your country, or any country followed the ways of Jesus, it would bring back true “moral conduct in the affairs of society and governance. . .”


      Here is an earlier response to you on this subject for other potential readers:

      You mention several issues that obviously are difficult for you regarding U.S. foreign policy. I can only say – as I have said before to you – that the U.S. is not primarily a “Christian” nation. Since I have met people in my overseas trips who seem to think that, I wonder if you do? The U.S. has many Christian people but the vast majority of people in the U.S. are absolutely not followers of Jesus. By their words, actions, and lifestyles, they are not Christians. This, of course, also applies to those in politics or the military. There are committed Christians in those areas but again, the majority of people running our country politically or militarily are not following Jesus in their personal lives or. . .in their decisions about foreign policy.

      Please do not blame Christians or Christianity for the foreign policies that come from the U.S. (if you do). The U.S. has helped many countries for many years but has also made horrible mistakes at home and also abroad. I am thankful for all the aid we have given to so many but also sorry for those mistakes that have hurt so many. . .

  2. “If the U.S., your country, or any country followed the ways of Jesus, it would bring back true “moral conduct in the affairs of society and governance. . .”

    Are you saying that the ethical, moral teachings of Jesus Christ (pbuh) are exclusive to “true Christians” only?, that they cannot be practiced or used by others…by non-Christians?

    Are you saying that since the U.S. is not a Christian country—it is forever doomed to immorality and injustice…unless it “believes in Jesus”?

    Are you saying that there is no hope for your country to change its ways unless it is “saved” and becomes a “true Christian” nation?

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