I Want To Write A Book For Christians: “Love Your (Muslim) Neighbor”

There are a lot of books out there. Too many, of course, for any of us to read.

But I think, in light of current world events, there is a huge need for a book with this title to be written for Christians to read:

“Love Your (Muslim) Neighbor.”

Maybe a picture and caption like you see below would be on the cover. . .


Because God has given me a great love for Muslim people, I want to encourage – no, I want to plead – with Christians to build bridges, tear down walls, and talk with Muslims about what each of them believe:

What Muslims & Christians believe about God – who is He? what is He like?
What Muslims & Christians believe about Jesus – who is he, why did he come?
What Muslims & Christians believe about Paradise – how can we get there?

I want to challenge Christians to love Muslims.

Jesus said:
“Love your neighbor”
(The Injil, Matthew 22:39; Mark 12:31).


I tell Christians:
God has brought Muslims here to America – immigrants, international students, and refugees. Love them!”

Sadly, I do get resistance from some people (certainly not all). And I get excuses from some people (but not from most):

Excuse: “The Muslims who come to America won’t assimilate.”
Answer: “Whether they do or they don’t assimilate, Jesus said, ‘Love your neighbor.'”

Excuse: “They wear different clothes, eat different foods, speak with different accents. They’re. . .well. . .different.”
Answer: “Whether Muslims look differently, eat differently, speak differently or not, Jesus said, ‘Love your neighbor.'”


Excuse: “Muslims want to bring Sharia law here to America.”
Answer: “Whether they do or they don’t want Sharia law here, Jesus said, ‘Love your neighbor.'”

Excuse: “They want the land of Israel all for themselves.”
Answer: “Whether they want that land or not, Jesus said, ‘Love your neighbor.'”

Excuse: “I won’t love Muslims unless. . .”
Answer: “When Jesus said, ‘Love your neighbor,’ he did not add ‘unless’ on the end of it.”

“Love your neighbor. . .as yourself.” Treat others the way you would want to be treated. For a Christian, this is becoming more like Jesus.

The primary characteristic of any real Christian – that is, anyone who truly follows Jesus – should be love.

I want to say again and again: “I love you, my Muslim neighbors!”

And some day, I want to write a book for Christians to help them love you too:

“Love Your (Muslim) Neighbor.”


3 thoughts on “I Want To Write A Book For Christians: “Love Your (Muslim) Neighbor”

  1. Lots of Christians “Love”—their love is patronizing, condescending, and pitying….they “love” so that their friendship can be used as a weapon for converting the “heathen” into a civilized Christian…they are out to “save”

    If Christians want to “love” sincerely and justly they must recognize…
    1) Equality—the idea that ALL human beings are of equivalent worth in God’s eyes and he created them all and bestows on all of us humanity, his compassion and mercy.
    2) Humility—Pride, entitlement. arrogance have no place in Love…The white Christian holds a place of privilege and power in some societies and to be unaware of this status is to abuse it. Humility can turn our eyes to those marginalized, weak, ignored, desperate, struggling lives around us….
    3) Respect—Freedoms and rights are a prerogative of all humanity, not an entitlement for some at the expense of a large number of “others”. Other human beings are not toys for the ego of Christians out to “save”…but are worthy in their own right. Their freedoms and rights must be respected.

    • My Muslim Friend, I totally agree with your 3 points that you want Christians to recognize. They are amazing. So, so true. Are you hearing that? I mean it with all sincerity.

      But I have to admit that you have me pretty confused in your first paragraph.

      How many true Christians do you know? If any use their friendship “as a weapon,” this is not the way of Jesus. It is not a true “Christian” behavior or attitude. When I think of the word “saved,” I think of a person of infinite value (anyone and everyone) being saved from the penalty of sins (hell), not some kind of civilizing process by whites on non-whites. No way! Never!

      I am no better than any other person of God’s creation. The Christians I know all feel that way. We don’t view invaluable human souls as “toys.”

      No, we just want people to be saved from an eternal fire of God’s judgment and we believe that God in His infinite mercy provided Jesus as the way they can live in Heaven forever.

      Many true Christians over the centuries have died to take that Message to the people of the world – because they loved them, not because they didn’t.

  2. what if your friend refuses to be convinced by your explanations?, are you going to give up the friendship and move onto someone else?
    Or…are you going to keep on being friends hoping that some day, eventually, the person will convert?

    Or, do you have the capacity to see “Jesus” even in a non-Christian and simply let them be…?…

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