More Than Anything On Earth

Recently I’ve been asking myself, “What do I enjoy more than anything else?” “What do I really desire?” “What thrills my heart above all else?” “What brings my heart to life and sets it on fire?”

Let me ask you variations of the same question:

“What do you desire more than anything on earth?”

“What satisfies & fulfills you more than anything on earth?”

“What brings joy to your heart and excites you to think about more than anything on earth?”

A friend, friends.
A boyfriend, a girlfriend.
Watching sports.
Playing sports.
A TV show.
Video Games.
Good grades.
Great job.
Being truly loved.
A husband, a wife.
Sexual intimacy.

Or maybe you desire things that impact much more than just your own personal life. Maybe you desire big things — things that impact the world — more than anything else on earth:

Hunger ended.
Orphans adopted.
Widows comforted.
Good news extended.
A cure for cancer.
A cure for AIDS.
Clean air.
Clean drinking water.
Medical treatment for all.
The poor lifted up.
Dictators brought down.
War and violence to cease.
Injustice stopped.
The guilty brought to justice.
Fair elections.
Peace on earth.

Honestly, what do you think about and desire more than anything on earth?

In the Zabur (Psalm 73:25), the writer says this of God:
“I desire you more than anything on earth.”

I want to be able to say that to God with authenticity but I think that He alone can put that desire in my heart and so I ask Him for it here and now:

“Almighty, awesome God. May I desire to find my fulfillment, satisfaction, and pleasure in You. . . more than anything on earth.”

To all my Muslim, Jewish, and Christian friends: Is that your prayer as well?

4 thoughts on “More Than Anything On Earth

    • Randy, great quote from John 21 by Peter. Others said the same in the OT. Only God knows our hearts for sure. But I want Him to make me burn and love Him more than anything else on earth!

  1. What most resonates with me about this is the fact that you ask God to put that goal in your hearts! That’s ultimate submission right there that I think any person of faith aspires to. Thank you for this reminder Mark!

    • Dear Muslim Friend, how I thank God and you for your kind comment. I truly want to be a person that is completely submitted to God! He alone is worthy of that kind of submission.

      Please tell your Muslim friends about this site and ask them to check in and leave a reply.

      God bless you!

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