Why Are You A Muslim?


Dear Muslim friends,

I think questions that begin with “why” can be hard to answer but they are so important. They can really help us to think.

I have a few questions for you today but. . .I want you to know that I am attempting to ask them with sincere respect and kindness. Here they are:

“Why are you. . .a Muslim?”

“Why are you a Muslim and not. . .something else?”

“Why aren’t you a believer in Shintoism, Jainism, Confusianism, Bahaism, Judaism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Hinduism, or Christianity?” (others of the 10 largest or most powerful religions in the world)


“Are you a Muslim because. . . you were ‘born’ a Muslim?”

“Are you a Muslim because. . . it is part of your culture?”

“Are you a Muslim because. . . you were born and grew up in a Muslim country?”

“Are you a Muslim because. . . your parents and grandparents and great grandparents before you were Muslim?”

“Are you a Muslim because. . . you made a careful search of the religions of the world – at least the major ones – and decided that Islam was the only religion that contained absolute truth?”

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“Are you a Muslim by choice? Your. . .own. . .personal. . .choice?”

Please allow me to share some things about my life as a follower of Jesus.

I am not a follower of Jesus because. . . I was “born” that way.
(no one is “born” a follower of Jesus)

I am not a follower of Jesus because. . . it is part of my culture.
(my culture is not very much like Jesus for the most part)

I am not a follower of Jesus because. . . I was born and grew up in a country that follows Jesus.
(the vast majority of people in America are not real followers of Jesus)

I am not a follower of Jesus. . . because my parents and grandparents and great grandparents before me loved and obeyed and followed Jesus.
(who my parents or grandparents were could not make me a Jesus follower)

I am a follower of Jesus because. . .when I was in college, I made a careful search of the religions of the world, at least the major ones, in a search for absolute truth. I easily observed that all the major religions of the world – except following Jesus – have the same way to Paradise/Heaven/Jannah/Nirvana etc. That way is “works,” specifically, “good” works. In this way of thinking, if we humans can just do enough good things, keep enough religious rules, obey enough spiritual leaders, then – we might – be able to go to an eternal place of bliss (whatever the name). But the nagging question is always this:


I am a follower of Jesus because. . .as I looked at the major religions of the world as a young college student, it was easy to see that following Jesus was different. Absolutely unique. It became more and more clear to me that following Him was not about being good enough or obeying enough rules. It was about grace. Undeserved kindness and love. It was more about what Jesus did (dying for my sins) than what I do (trying to be good enough) to make it to Heaven. It was not about being saved by my good works but about being rescued from my sins. It was about being saved. . .by grace.


I am a follower of Jesus because. . .I made a choice. A choice to follow Him instead of any other religion or religious figure. Jesus is different. Absolutely unique. No one else sacrificed themself for my sins. No one else loves me that much. No one else will never leave me. No one else loves me no matter how much I do or don’t do in keeping religious rules. There is no one like Jesus.

My dear Muslim friends, why am I a follower of Jesus? Because by His grace, I made a choice.

I chose Jesus. . .

Are you a Muslim by choice? Your. . .own. . .personal. . .choice?

One thought on “Why Are You A Muslim?

  1. Dear, my friend. I really love your posts and you are very peaceful. And this post, amazing. This have a question that rarely asked by some of christian or jewish friends of mine.

    Well, I have the answer for this question since i was so young. And i was still young today, i just reached 18 recently. In an open conversation people won’t hear me, because i’m a young teenager, i have no right, they would say “Go away kid” or “You better study first”. But this is Internet where i can raise my voice and my opinion.

    Why am i a muslim?

    Now i ask you, what’s the meaning of Muslim? The One who submitted himself to god, isn’t it? What’s the meaning of Islam? Peace, isn’t it?

    Now. I give you one theory of mine, you’ll never find it among another muslim scholar. Don’t worry, Alhamdulillah, I’m well educated at Qur’an and Hadith study, and i already certificated for it.

    So it is, How many times prophets says Islam and Muslim? How many times Allah says Islam and Muslim in the Qur’an? And then compare it with how many times Allah says about Iman (Belief), and Mu’min (Believer) in Qur’an? How many times prophet said Iman and Mu’min?

    Iman and Mu’min is being told many many times, more than a word Islam and Muslim. So what is Islam really is? is it a Religion?
    The term Islam, becoming a name of a religion was laterly claimed by scholar after Muhammad’s (pbuh) death. While prophet Muhammad like to mention Islam with a term “Deen-u-llah” (The religion of Allah), in many hadiths if you check it. So actually, this religion have no specific name, this religion is a God’s pure religion from times to times.

    Maybe you confused. because Qur’an did said, a verse like: “the true religion beside Allah is Islam”. Let me make it clear, what is Islam? It have many meanings according to Arabic Grammar. It could be Surrender, Submission, Obedience, Sincerity, and Peace.

    You must know that in Qur’an Allah said, about the religion of Abraham, Moses, Jesus, is actually Islam. Okay, non-muslim maybe confused with this verse. People will be like, “Seriously? Moses religion is Judaism . Jesus is Christian”. Okay, now I ask, do Moses use a term “Judaism” and claim himself as a Judaism follower? do Jesus use a term “Christianity” and claim himself as a christian? Okay let’s say, other than the Polytheist religion, So here i’m referring to the Abrahamic Monotheist religions, like Judaism, Christian, Baha’i, Druze, and Islam.
    Tell me, does Moses said that he follow something called “Judaism”? No it’s rabbinical term who come later.
    Did Jesus, say he is christian? No, it’s later his follower and students that claiming themself as a christian.
    Did Sayyid Baha’ullah and Sang Bab claimed themself as a Baha’i? No, it’s the follower.
    Did Jethro claimed himself as a prophet of “Druze”? No.. We don’t ever get it anywhere.
    And my question for you, did Muhammad claim himself is a Muslim? Yes he is, he said it by himself, not a something that his follower make up after his death. QS 6:14. Say (O Muhammad SAW): “Shall I take as a Walî (helper, protector, etc.) any other than Allâh, the Creator of the heavens and the earth? And it is He Who feeds but is not fed.” Say: “Verily, I am commanded to be the first of those who submit themselves to Allâh (as Muslims).” And be not you (O Muhammad SAW) of the Mushrikûn [polytheists, pagans, idolaters and disbelievers in the Oneness of Allâh].

    I studied Torah. as before, i was very interested in Judaism. And you know what?

    1st. I asked my dad about ‘Wine’, why is the Halachah (Judaism Law) allows to drink and then when Islam come it’s become forbidden? then i my dad said that it was actually forbidden beside Allah. But Israelites prophet’s cannot stop it suddenly at one time, so it need process to be forbidden. Since Moses it’s allowed to Israelite Prophets. Then at Jesus time, it’s allowed for people, he did make a wine, but Jesus himself didn’t drink it, John the baptist don’t drink it. Then at Muhammad time, it’s allowed. but through process, it’s forbidden to drink at prayer times. And finally, it’s forbidden anytime!

    This process of G-d’s ruling make me interested so i continue to study more,

    2nd. About the Slavery. Slavery was a common things back in the age. The rules about it? it’s seems okay since the Judaism start. And as well at the early Islam period, it’s permitted. But then Abolished (unfortunately, we see nowadays un-educated fundamentalist Muslim extremist doing such a wrongdoing that have been clearly forbidden in many narrations of Hadith).

    3rd. The change of the Qibla (praying direction). From Jerusalem to Mecca. It through process. Since Moses, to Jesus, to early Muslim period, it was towards the Kaaba. But later on, it changed to the Kaaba.

    4th. The Polygamy limitation. It was through a process. It was unlimited, at the old ages, but later, it was forbidden to have more than 4.

    So what i’ve got from this research, i found out that what Qur’an said is right.

    Surah Al-Haj [22:78]: [It is] the religion of your father, Abraham. He has named you “Muslims” before [in former scriptures] and in this [revelation] that the Messenger may be a witness over you and you may be witnesses over the people.

    Surah An-Nahl [16:123]: Then We revealed to you, [O Muhammad], to follow the religion of Abraham, inclining toward truth; and he was not of those who associate with Allah .

    So it was the Abraham religion. And so it was the religion of Moses. And Jesus. Let say for the 1st rules i said to you. The Wine, It allowed but did major prophet (Rasul) drink that? maybe there are some Minor prophet (Nabi/Navi) drink. But did major prophets drink that? Abraham? Moses? Jesus?
    okay, move to the second. Slavery. Any major prophet doing slavery? No. Abraham got, hagar, but later become his wife. Muhammad got two slave too, Mariah the Egyptian, and Rihanna the Jew. But later become his wifes. Jesus? No. Moses? No. So no slavery.
    3rd. The Qibla, okay let say only muhammad pray toward Kaaba. But did you see the Tefillin? that Jew put for Tefilla prayer? A black box on their head? find at wikipedia, what is the purpose of teffilin. Teffilin is a sign from god for the Israelites at Egypt, so people will remember G-d’s promise that he will take them out. But why the shape of it is a black box? and fascinating fact again, the hand wrap (shel Yad) of the Tefillin is wrapped 7 times circling the hand, how many times a muslim do Tawaf (Circling the Kaaba)? 7 times. So it was a process from god.
    4th. The Polygamy, let’s not take the minor prophet like Solomon and David, they have hundred wifes. We’re speaking about the Major prophets, because they bring a new revelation (Solomon, David, isaiah, Joshua, Yeremiah, and many many minor prophets was walking on Judaism Religion). Like Abraham? 2, Hagar and Sarah.. Itzhak? 1, rebecca.. Jacob? 4, Bilhah, Zilpah, Leah, Rachel… Joseph? 1, Asenath… Moses? 2, Tharbis, Zipporah… Aaron? 1, Elisheva… Jesus? Not yet, he will have it later in the second coming. So any of these major prophets who have wifes more than 4? No. (About Muhammad’s wife, it was a different case, many reasons that scholars have been talking about it)

    So the conclusion is, Islam is a way of life. And could be a religion as well. That Abraham, Moses, and Jesus, was on this way of life too. So.. Why I was a muslim? Because prophets are on this way of life. 🙂 Hope it help you.

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