2 thoughts on “Pray For Gaza!

  1. Praying for Gaza not enough all all the American Administration should stop supporting Israel with banned weapons and political protection.

    Moreover, on the following days, we would hear that the USA exercised the right of veto against any resolution that condemned Israel, the criminal.

    • Khaled, I agree that prayers – and words – are not enough. Action is needed to stop oppression wherever it is found. To find a better way through love. But I believe that only in Jesus can this love be found: http://www.ilovemuslims.net/…/gaza-only-in-jesus-the…/

      Habibi, I also want to say that I am so, so, so sorry for all your people have suffered where you live in Gaza. There is no way for me to understand it from where I live. But I want to keep telling you that there are people here in the United States who don’t want to see Gaza suffer any more. We want you and Israel to both live in peace. No more bombs. No more bullets. No more funerals and weeping.

      Finally, the action I try to take is speaking in churches about Christians getting God’s heart for Muslims – to follow and obey Jesus by “loving our neighbor.” I also challenge them to also take a new, fresh look at unconditional support of Israel. I tell them that God does not support injustice by anyone. I tell them of the suffering of the Palestinian people – that I have been there several times and seen some of it. I will continue to speak for all who suffer.

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