“Happy British Muslims” – Halal Or Haram?


In a recent post, I wrote about the “Happy” YouTube video of Pharrell Williams that has gone viral (over 255 million views) and the “Happy” video made in Gaza – a place many might not think of as being happy because of their lack of food, fuel, and freedom.

A group of Muslims from Great Britain made their version of “Happy.” You can see it here:

I have to say, I really, really enjoyed this video but. . .the “Happy British Muslims” video has not made everyone. . .well. . .“happy.”
Here is an example of Muslims who are unhappy about “Happy British Muslims”:


Dr. Mufti Abdur-Rahman ibn Yusuf also weighed in on the subject:


How about you, my Muslim friends?

Does the “Happy British Muslims” video attempt to break harmful stereotypes of Muslims in an incorrect way or does it break harmful stereotypes of Muslims in a healthy and even “happy” way?

Is it OK for Muslims to smile, clap, and. . .jump around?

Would Allah be pleased?

Is the “Happy British Muslims” video halal or haram?

(Postscript: I also want to know what any of you Christian readers think of this video. Let me know!)

2 thoughts on ““Happy British Muslims” – Halal Or Haram?

  1. Hello Mark,
    I have been away for a while…hope you have been doing well.

    Dialogue is good and all opinions in a dialogue should have a voice.

    What is Halal and what is Haram is an interesting question—and one that every individual as well as generation of Muslim, in each geographic location or community, must struggle to define for themselves as the human journey is a dynamic struggle. Thus, the answer to this question cannot be fixed—to do so would create an oppression and thus an injustice………

    For those Muslims who are contemplating the question of what is Halal or Haram, the Quran has some advice and wisdom to offer………

    Surah 2 verses 67-71 tell the story of a sacrifice of a heifer. The story details how the people of Prophet Moses (pbuh), in their selfish reluctance and egoic pride, made a simple command of God into a complicated mess. They made religion/way of life a heavy burden to themselves. This is what we Muslims are doing to our Islam today with our petty arguments about Halal/Haram. The “right way” is already clarified in the Quran—everything else is just an opinion. Surah 2 verse 185 brings this point home in its instructions about rules of fasting and clearly says “God intends every facility for you and does not intend to put you to difficulties”.

    When we pass judgement on the petty details of someone’s life, we make it difficult for another, but when we bring in “God” to enforce our judgments, we are in danger of oppression. Dialogues in which various opinions are expressed give the opportunity to use our intellect to make choices and that is real Iman (faith).

    All our Muslim brothers and sisters have a right to the pursuit of happiness as well as to define and express it. Diversity enriches our lives and minds.

  2. I see two different point of views, just like all other religions. People celebrating life and enjoying the fact they have breath is a beautiful thing…regardless of which “side” you take. Honestly, this is a non issue. Staying mad over things you can’t control, 100% of the time, seeing no joy in life is UNHEALTHY.

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