To All My Muslim Friends: Eid Mubarak!

It was my joy to go and see or call many of my Muslim friends today on their holiday – friends from Palestine, Pakistan, India, Yemen, Kuwait, Lebanon, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Somalia – wishing for them what I wish for you:

18 thoughts on “To All My Muslim Friends: Eid Mubarak!

  1. My dear friend, it is not surprising from you to wish us a Happy Eid. such are the people of the book. much appreciated my friend!! thank you so much. God Blesses.

    • Hussein, it is my joy to wish you Happy Eid. When I see my Muslim friends during Christmas or Easter, they always give me like greetings and it warms my heart. God bless you until we meet again!

    • Moe, I hope to eat some of your great cooking soon. And I hope you are enjoying many Eid celebrations with your family.

    • Moe, it is my privilege! When I go into the barber shop during Christmas or Easter, all my Muslim barber friends greet me in similiar fashion and it really blesses my heart. In a real way, we are brothers – sons of Abraham!

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